Who Want Some Cheesecake??

Cheesecake for teabreak

Cheesecake for teabreak

Lately, cheesecake recipes kept appearing in the blogs & FB groups that I’ve followed..seemed like everyone is making cheesecake…since I’ve all the ingredients: eggs, creamcheese, butter, whipping cream and sugar..why not?..Baking took about 1hr..when it’s time to remove from the oven, i was really scared coz one of the common failure sunken cake..fortunately for me, it didn’t!! so here we are, my first (baked) cheesecake..taste wise can’t comment now, waiting for it to be chilled in the fridge…will update again after tasting it…



Daniel’s Birthday Cake

Ice cream cake for my dearest son on his 5th birthday..

Another out-dated post…A project I’ve done in March for my little boy’s 5th birthday 🙂

Ever since I’ve started baking, I will always look out for recipes that will appeal to the taste buds of my dearest Trios.  My hubby don’t have sweet tooth so he’s out.

I remember the first thing I’ve baked for my kids were chocolate muffins.  They love it and my daughter told me “It was yummy Mummy, do it again”.   This was what kept me going.  Their positive reactions motivated me to keep on trying new recipes; hopefully they will love what I’ve made for them.  Of course, this means sacrificing sleep at times since I can only find some ME-time to relieve my baking itch while they are asleep.  But it is sure worth the effort to bake for your love ones.

So, I really wanted to do something for my dearest son on his 5th birthday.  In the past (when I’m still working full time), we always find the easiest way out, i.e. to order cake from bakeries like Prima Deli, Bengawan Solo, Swenson, etc.  It’s not cheap, many a times; we will spend at least over $150 for a 2kg cake.  Knowing that my son love ice cream, I was determined to make one for him.

I started to Google on how to make ice cream cake.  To my greatest surprise, it was really EASY to make one.  At the same time, I felt that we’ve been foolish to pay for such an exorbitant price for an ice cream cake that could cost easily below $50 if home-made!!!  Check out these videos on how to make ice cream cake:




As you can see from the above videos, one of the most important tool needed for the making of ice cream cake is a spring form tin.  A springform pan is a type of bakeware that features sides that can be removed from the base.  And all the above videos use Oreo biscuits which I personally don’t like it.  So in the end, I refer to this ice cream cake recipe and video from Quick and Healthy Meals.  Despite the bad quality video, I’ve watched it right till the end.  I like her style, she was really easy going when preparing the cakes (you watch it and you’ll understand what I mean).

Ice Cream Cake (adopted from Quick and Healthy Meals)

•1 spring form pan (a must) 8 or 9″

•1 box favorite cake mix

•1.5- 2 quarts favorite ice cream


•8-12 oz cool whip

•4 oz instant pudding package

•1 c. milk

•1/4 c. powdered sugar

•optional stir in’s to put on top of (or in the middle of) the ice cream before the cake layer goes on top:

•brownies, (goey undercooked works best) broken in dime size pieces, crushed candy canes, candy bars, chocolate/carmel sauce, cookie pieces, pie filling etc, etc, etc.


1.mix cake batter as directed on box. (you may use one egg)

2.Pour about 1/2 cake mix into prepared (spray with PAM) spring form pan and bake as directed on package about 20-25 minutes. If you have 2 pans bake both at the same time.

3.remove cake from pan by running a knife around edge to loosen, taking off side and flip onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper or aluminum foil. Don’t worry if it is lopsided, falls apart or whatever. It will be covered by “forgiving” icing. set aside. This will be your cake top.

4.Bake the other half of cake mix in the same spring form pan if you haven’t before. If you have two spring form pans the same size or 1″ difference, you can cook both at the same time. Do not remove second cake from pan. This is your cake bottom Let cool by setting in the freezer or on counter.

5.When cake and pan are cool, remove ice cream from freezer to soften. Start scooping ice cream onto the cake in the spring form pan. Smooth the ice cream as you go and fill in all holes or gaps. Don’t be afraid of really pushing the ice cream on the cake to get rid of air holes. If you want to use optional stir in’s, this is the place, on top of the ice cream, or in the ice cream. Put the reserved cooked cake on top and gently push down to not have any gaps, this will fill in the sides. Place in freezer until frozen. This depends on your freezer temp, overnight is best. Make the frosting.


6. mix 1 c. milk with the

7.4 oz instant pudding and whip. This will be a thick pudding. Add the 1/4 c. powdered sugar and stir in 8-12 oz. of cool whip.

8.When mixed, remove cake from spring form pan by sliding a knife around the edge. You may need to put your knife in water. Unclamp the pan and gently take off. You will serve the cake on the bottom of the spring form pan.

9.Frost the top and sides making sure not to miss any areas. You may need to get the counter messy or put the cake on another pan to get if off the counter. Quickly put into freezer for at least 3 hours. I don’t cover it. Will keep uncovered 5+ days.

10.To serve: let sit on counter 10 minutes or we just saw through frozen cake.

11.2:1 favorite is chocolate cake, mint chocolate ice cream and chocolate instant pudding.

My Experience / Outcome:

I use Betty Crocker’s yellow cake mix to do the above and I did not follow her frosting recipe as I did not have the ingredients on hand.  In the end, I just spread Nutella over the cake top and did not even bother to frost the sides.  It was kind of a time consuming process as you need time to soften the ice cream and then chill the cake after assembly.  But this cake was sure a hit for the family, especially the birthday boy!  What else can be wrong with cake and ice cream?  Oh yah, just a gentle reminder before you make this cake, please make sure that there is ample space in your freezer J Good luck!