Welcome my new toy :)

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I’ve been hesitating whether to get this air fryer for the longest time…

Basically, it works the same way as a conventional oven (which I already have) but Philips patented it’s air frying technology as “Rapid Air Technology” which claim to be a healthier alternative to deep frying, using 80% less fat to cook food.

As compare to my oven, the air fryer is much smaller (in a way more compact). The smaller area to “heat up” means cut cost and time. The air fryer allows you to enjoy fried snacks like fries, nuggets, etc. with less oil. Since you are using “air” to fry food, you can say goodbye to greasy kitchen at the luxury of enjoying yummy fried food!

Its original price was over S$300. Recently, its price has since dropped a little and has being lingering around $298, $268, $259 by retailers’ promotions. The dip in price is largely due to the launch of a newer model.

When I saw the lowest price offered by Courts Webstore (at $249), I was like WTH?!! Must grab!!! Thanks to my hubby’s sponsorship (hey I am no income housewife), I finally own “Fried” on 2 Oct 2012; an advance birthday present from my hubby 🙂


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