Air Fry Project 1: Air Fried Frozen Ebi with Cherry Tomatoes

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My first dish using Fried.  Bought the frozen ebi from NTUC.

  1. Preheat at 160 for 15 mins.
  2. Put frozen ebi into the basket. Cook for 20 mins. Dish up.
  3. Put cherry tomatoes into basket, cook for 3 mins (or more if you want it to have more charred taste). Dish up.
  4. Garnish with mayonnaise and/or other sauces.
  5. Ready to serve.


The skin of the ebi was a bit dry.  I think I will add a tiny bit of oil the next time I do this again.  The ebi tasted bland (not the fault of the air fryer).  I think it will taste better if I were to marinate the prawns myself.


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