I borrowed this mixer from my mother-in-law (mil).  It may look old and you may doubt its functionality, BUT, I tell you it was working perfectly despite its outdated look.  This baby has created miracles and helped me whipped up muffins, macaroons, cupcakes and my son’s birthday cake.

Having a mixer is essential for baking.  Imagine beating egg whites into stiff peak for chiffon cakes and meringue for macaroons using hand whisk!  FYI, stiff peak / meringue state means to transform watery egg whites into  7 or 8 times their original volume and the “transformed” egg white (i.e. a smooth, velvety sheen cream mousse) should be firm enough to “stand in peaks”.  In layman term,  “stand in peaks” means when you invert the bowl that contain the cream mousse egg white, it is so firm that it will not fall out of the bowl!  Amazing isn’t it? From liquid to solid state? Well it takes quite a while and a lot of effort (think hand muscle) if you are using a hand whisk but with a mixer, it is almost instant!  Some mixer also comes with dough hooks that  knead flour into dough, another muscle aging and time-consuming activity if you do it without a mixer. By now I hope you can understand how important and essential a mixer is and how it can ease and facilitate your baking efforts.

Few days back, I’ve used the mixer to knead flour into bread dough.  I left it “unattended” in the kneading cycle as I have to sit-in for my daughter’s piano lesson. After 45mins, when I got back to the mixer, the dough was formed and was in good shape; looking shiny, elastic, and sufficiently knead.  I was so happy with the result that I chose to ignore the fact that the dough hook was somehow stuck in the dough and the rotation of the hook has stopped (even though the motor engine is still blasting loudly).

Imagine the dismay I had when I brought up the mixer two days later and discovered that the mixer is spoilt!  What is worst, 4 egg whites are waiting to be beaten into “stiff peak” for my chiffon cake!  Needless to say, I had sore muscles on my arm that day.

Hopefully I can get it repaired.


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