Chwee kueh (水粿 shuǐguǒ; “water rice cake”)

Was in a mood to whip out some bakeries for tea-break yesterday, unfortunately the mixer was spoilt.  So, without the mixer and hands itching to whip out something, i turned to the Internet for recipes and got this Zui Kueh recipe from My Kitchen.

Chwee Kueh is a type of steamed rice cake.  They are steamed in a bowl-like shape mould and when done, topped with diced preserved radish (turnip) and served with chilli sauce (optional). Chwee kueh is a popular breakfast and snack item in Singapore and Malaysia.  The perfect Chwee Kueh should be white, smooth and wobbly.  The preserved radish also plays an important part to the success of this dish.

My Experience / Outcome:

I do not have rice flour on hand so I have replaced it with cake flour.

The batter to make the Chwee Kueh was too watery and did not form a “smooth paste” as described by My Kitchen.  Worried that the watery batter will not yield the firm shape of the kueh, so I added my flour into the mixture.  When I poured the batter into my mini-size cookie mould (I don’t have the “rice-bowl-mould” used for Chwee Kueh), I was a bit disheartened (almost feel like giving up) coz judging from the liquidity state of the batter, i had a feeling that the kueh won’t form a firm shape at all.  Nevertheless, I put them into the steamer

After 15 minutes of steaming, to my greatest surprise, the kueh did firm up and came out in the shape of the mould! *clap hands on the success of the appearance*.  My Chwee Kueh tasted a bit wierld.  They were chewy; the “rice-taste” of a typical Chwee Kueh was missing (i guess that has got to do with the replacement of rice flour with cake flour).  The preserved radish was also not savoury enough.

What I’ll do to improve the dish during my next try:

  • I’ll definitely get RICE FLOUR;
  • I’ll add some dried shrimp to fry with the radish (turnip);
  • I’ll make sure i’ve chopped both radish and shrimp to the finest; and
  • I’ll add some vinegar into the boiling water for steaming the Chwee Kuey (the kueh will supposedly turn out whiter).

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