About me & why I’ve started this blog

I’m in love with cooking & baking. That kind of explain why I spend most of my ME-time in my kitchen. I find whipping out dishes or bakeries therapeutic. It is also extremely satisfying to my ego when my “product” is well-received. The purpose of setting up this blog is to document recipes that I’ve tried on as well as my kitchen experiences.

Comments / Copyrights

It’s my pleasure to welcome you at my blog,  Feel free to leave your comments on my posts.  I’ll appreciate constructive feedbacks to help improve my cooking, baking, photography and blogging.  However, comments with vulgarities or unpleasant languages will be deleted without prior notice.

I would also like to stress that all photographs (unless otherwise stated) posted in are taken by me.  Please spare a thought on the hardwork and efforts I’ve taken to organise and edit the photos.  As such, please do not republish them without prior consent from me.  If you are interested in republishing any photographs or content from, please drop me an email or link them back to Thank you!


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